People behind the ecoCode project?

ecoCode is born from a narrow collaboration between Snapp’ and LIUPPA, both passionate about mobile application development and the role and impact of the software industry on sustainability.

Snapp’ is a French company in Bordeaux (33) and Bidart (64); it is specialist for solutions using tablets, smartphones and connected objects in general.

Our skills

B2B2C solutions about customer fidelity, marketing and commerce with clients like Monoprix, System U, Relay, Catalina, Boardriders.

B2E solutions about optimization of internal enterprise business processes with clients like Veolia (SADE), Kering (Balenciaga), ACG-Synergies, Opcalim.

Our willingness

With more than 10 years of experience and practice in the mobile application world, Snapp’ quickly adapts to the mobile application market in a decade of growing business.

Despite this business dynamics, the mobile application software industry just actually addresses environmental and ethical issues linked to massive software development.

Snapp’ ambition within ecoCode is the construction of a label-oriented classification framework to guide users in application purchase. Typically, what are the energy-saving application? what are the application that respect privacy, etc.

Snapp’ also wants to encourage developers to move to environmental responsibility as a software design principle. Market segment conquest may be a consequence of this principle as well.

Our role

Snapp’ leads the ecoCode project, its guidance, its functioning and its deployment as well

From initial LIUPPA research, Snapp’ build and sells a set of tools available for the ecoCode community. Somme parts are free software while others are subject to commercial license. Tools rely on defined rules, which keep a permanent open access for the ecoCode community.

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